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[Chinese shoes Network - Rolling Dandong News] by the end of April, already has deep spring, but went to court yesterday, Xie Yalong, or a jacket. On court, Xie Yalong retracted in court, only less than 30% of admitted the prosecution allegations, even more surprisingly, he had been in court about his torture in the process and details of people particularly shocking. According to the indictment the prosecution, Xie Yalong is accused of 12 charges, involving 1,727,800 yuan, most of which were previously undisclosed facts. However, for these 12 charges the prosecution, Xie Yalong only accept less than 30% of Accusation. "Xie Yalong represents 100,000 of rather heavy sentence, nor one million of a lenient sentence." Xie Yalong attorney Jin Xiaoguang, said afterwards, "but also because it's retracted in court, the prosecutor said it would revoke Xie Yalong voluntarily surrendered themselves." During the hearing yesterday, the most surprising is that Xie Yalong was torture about their process and details. "Xie Yalong introduced during the trial, once confessed to him are not satisfied, the task force investigators to beat him, he says the assault is a constant process." Jin Xiaoguang said the lawyer, "said Xie Yalong, 2010 9 May 3 about 7:40 or so, he was taken away on the train, the task force staff was reviled him. to Shenyang after Xie Yalong said that he did not assault the day can be made to the 18 o'clock opening play to him, with fist hit him chest, because the hands, feet handcuffed with, someone breaking hands, hit with electric batons, let him undress after the cold water, he said Shenyang was already very cold, his body can not stand. There is a fan Erguang Zi, sleep deprivation, humiliation and other abuse. Xie Yalong to the court stated torture, illegal forensic evidence trail, time, place, character and way of beating and content, then the judge should be investi cheap air jordans gated accordingly, only search Qing is not the existence of torture, against 12 accused makes sense Xie Yalong. " The reason for Xie Yalong confession of crimes, according to their lawyer: Xie Yalong said in court, that in order to live, there are clear opportunities and family say the truth, let his son know that he is somebody. According to the lawyer recalls Jin Xiaoguang, July 22, 2011 he and Xie Yalong former lawyer Xie Yalong see any strong together, it was his first time to see his client. Xie Yalong asked Jin Xiaoguang lawyer read the "Dream of Red Mansions" no, Jin Xiaoguang said no, Xie Yalong, please go back to see him, "Dream of Red Mansions" begins the first round, he said there are two main characters of the name to cover his entire case. Jin Xiaoguang go back for a check, the first back to the two main characters are the JIA Yu and Chen Shi Yin. "Xie Yalong is itself a metaphor of Red Mansions people suffered." Jin Xiaoguang said. Xie Yalong yesterday in court had this to say: "This case can not go on so false I say the truth, because I wanted to fake for a lot of people have trouble I do not want to go on like this, it's not for myself!. I have to stand out, even if sentenced to more than a few years, I have identified. " Xie Yalong charged with 12 counts of 1 1998 ?? accepting Zhang Aiguo, general manager of Qingdao Impulse company and ???? 9 million. 2000-2010 Spring Festival, 11 received 110,000 yuan of the company. period of 2 October 2005 to 2008, received a total of 309,700 Ford Shao Wenzhong Bao, general manager. 3 2005 October accepting Jiangsu Sainty (9.30,0.00,0.00%) Chang Yu Tao, general manager of 50,000 yuan. 4 2007 In April 2009, received 200,000 yuan Kangmeng Jun, general manager of Shandong Luneng. 5 August 17, 2006, accepting Shanghai Liancheng investors Jun Zhu 20,000 yuan consumer cards. In early 2007, Jun Zhu received 200,000 Cheap jordans online yuan. 6 early in 2007, accepting Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Xie Bin, vice chairman and general manager Ningzhi Xiong total 320,000 yuan. 7 in early 2007, Zhu received 50,000 yuan. 8 2007, the director received 20,000 yuan Haigeng base. 9 2007 In December 2009, received 50,000 yuan Wen Jiaqing broker. 10 2008 February accepting 30,000 yuan Liu Yuming, general manager of Changchun Yatai. 11 2006, the Marketing Director of Nike accepting 178,400 yuan Li Tong. 12 2008 In June 2009, the national football coach Wang Baoshan accepting 100,000 yuan. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News) we will meet this year not only has black and yellow color of "thunder" Air Jordan 14, there is a white yellow color of the Air Jordan 14 Low Retro will be launched, choose shoes with white collocation yellow as the shoe body color, the overall style is quite clean and elegant. There is no specific release information. CONVERSE anticancer agent charity project Converse (RED) and Chicago artist Cody Hudson work together to launch Chuck Tayor All Star High shoes. With high-quality leather material to build, the ancient Egyptian design elements, red and blue collisions are even more eye-catching. (141.77 KB) download (141.77 KB) download (148.19 KB) download (162.78 KB)In the early 1990s, tooling, camouflage uniform design and became one of the city's fashion tone. In that era as inspiration, NIKE Sportswear this season to bring you the second wave of Air Force 1 Pearl Collection products. The new Nike Air Force 1 Pearl Collection is Air Force 1 shoes classic shoes to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the birth. Shoes subtly reflects the lifestyle of the time, the choice of high-end materials, both back in time and quite modern retro means color. The summer of 2012 produced three Air Force 1 shoes pearl series are integrate cheap jordans d into the same design elements, including the dissemination of mother of pearl color ferrules and laces at both ends of the plate, printed with retro pattern specially designed insole and exquisite shoebox . The launch of the Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium '08, human DNA is similar to the same camouflage pattern can tell you a unique story. Digital Camouflage is a modern theme, but in the military field has practical uses, often used to protect soldiers desert environment. Into the street art and modern technology in shoe design, advanced high-frequency welding technology and the choice of reflective material makes the shoe more in appearance showing a dazzling three-dimensional effect measurements. At the same time, this shoe at the heel and tongue designed with a reflective embossed design adds a touch of dazzling silver elements for this white tone shoes. June 30 retail price of RMB1399 yuan & nbsp;thumb_34361.jpg (4.92 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-12-22 00:48 upload maison-martin-margiela-mid-top-sneakers-1.jpg (176.4 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-9 16:45 upload maison-martin-margiela-mid-top-sneakers-2.jpg (168.72 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-9 16:45 upload maison-martin-margiela-mid-top-sneakers-3.jpg (220.21 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-9 16:45 upload maison-martin-margiela-mid-top-sneakers-4.jpg (121.34 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-9 16:45 upload maison-martin-margiela-mid-top-sneakers-5.jpg (290.53 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-9 16:45 upload maison-martin-margiela-mid-top-sneakers-6.jpg (118.99 KB, Download shoes, the French luxury brand Louis; Vuitton Damier Cobalt Canvas publi air jordan 11 space jam for sale shed a series of bags, including purses, bags, luggage and bags and other portable bag. Not see the flood of letters of LV pattern, no classic brown leather, but the design of the classic blue / Black Plaid canvas with leather with high quality to create; handle or strap, metal buttons and other details are still showing unusual luxurious texture. luxury brand Louis · Louis Vuitton Vuitton low-key luxury bag almost all love shoes cultural friends for Air Jordan will have a unique feeling, if not love it will not hate, this is God's charm, but also Air Jordan today to stand in Sneaker peak. Air love Jordan friends will go to some Air Jordan 11 feeling, a pair of shoes that should be the representative of the pink of perfection culture shoes, a pair of shoes so beautiful should be everlasting, if you really want to let me choose a pair of the most love shoes, Air Jordan 11 will be my choice. W9 Z8 r* G: Q7 |" A), ~4 L*; o" U! N4 X Air Jordan 11 (actually including and low for help is Air Jordan series more color style, but even so there are still many we can only be envious of not offering an unnoticed talent. 9 m/ Y/ E8 O* J e! Today we have to look at the 50 pair of Air Jordan 11 did not offer, make up for the regret in the heart, perhaps in the near future, the color will be engraved in the list might also do T5 k- X6 q% Z1 E R o. h/ U7; 0) J3, z$prototype Prototype: once perhaps, perhaps Air Jordan 11 was so long, thick training shoes taste ah. I: o0 r$J6 o%)] J4 C t!); @7 Air Jordan XI Prototype Sample ~ 11 1995 Year: Concord #45:45# Air Jordan is the eternal 11 Limited Edition + m! A. J}2 Q9 X Air Jordan; XI #45 Sample6 e# W6 11 Concord U7 q'I% t% m (^& Year: 19959]" m" Z9; S' Y" b) t& F Bred "; #45, P) i% s, m Air Jordan) @ XI 11 Bred #45 Sample4 z) U# C& x9 L1 |3 v$]%; C a% N# Z3 N9 {9 1 P Year: 1995 Leather Upper Air: leather leather Jordan 11 don't have a flavor. " t- X'E3〉;Adidas Confirmed? Hard goods booking service China debut, YEEZY BOOST 750 light brown color matching, the ultimate release 2016-10-10 16:09:38 Kanye West and Adidas Originals will jointly published a new version of the iconic YEEZY BOOST 750 new YEEZY BOOST 750 with light brown suede shoes material as body tone, again with Adidas BOOST collocation shock technology the whole palm translucent outsole debut show high-end design style and comfort and functional coexistence the ultimate combination of. The YEEZY BOOST 750 design in the upper lot to cut overall wearing experience more relaxed, but the production of leather and suede senior shoe lining, comfortable breathable net front palm pads, sturdy lace holes and vamp Velcro fastener belt signature perforated toe is preserved, summed up another topic for! more surprise is that this YEEZY BOOST 750 new color will be more through the mobile phone application Adidas Confirmed book, October 12th four pm online officially opened grab, get qualified to purchase qualified consumers will be on October 15th at Adidas Beijing Sanlitun center, Shanghai Jiahe brand Adidas Originals shop, Guangzhou ring Plaza Adidas Originals shop, Chongqing Longhu North Street shop. This mobile phone app, which has long been used in Europe and America, has officially landed in China, bringing the most fair, convenient and efficient booking service for the original goods. users only need a few simple steps to complete registration, participate in booking, after the formal sale of shoes, go to the designated store to complete the purchase, you can get the favorite products in the bag. Open Adidas Confirmed application, login with existing or new registered Adidas account, select the size of shoes you need; pay attention to push the scheduled notice, push will be synchronized from app and your Adidas account. After the booking starts, click the button immediately to see the size range and the size you want. If the booking is successful, you will receive the designated shop address and pick up time; go to the designated store to complete the purchase, receipt of your booking products. Adidas Confirmed has now landed on the App Store online store for download, and Android version of Adidas Confirmed is also ready, coming soon, please close look forward to! Nike Air Max 2009 is now available for sale at 2016-03-21 11〉this article Xiaobian want to ask you a question: do you really love shoes? Last weekend the shoes market is very lively, whether it is available again for Yeezy, or 6 VANS joint TERT shoes, line, draw, cattle dealers, buy a fare... With the countless words are independent of the shoes into the shoe market. But today we don't talk about these limited the sale of Adidas and NIKE PK, each brand and brand jointly, is to say that we love these shoes are often excited "custom shoes". designer Daniel Cordas tribute to KAWS's personal creative shoes YEEZY BOOST KAWS to the above two classical elements into them, in a picture released after the designer Daniel Cordas also known by many people, in fact, this is not the first time he put the shoes so fun! NIKE AIR FORCE 1 Adidas Stan Smith NIKE AIR MAX wants to know how he did it? A special pen + can be painted on the shoes on the paint, a pair of eye-catching custom shoes came out. Daniel Cordas took his homemade Ukiyo-e YEEZY BOOST shoes, a face playfully knew of his face is also very satisfied! There are many like Daniel Cordas this love shoes to do shoes custom team, here are now more fire shoes custom team! The Shoe Surgeon VLONE X AF1 remember this pair of special fire, on the double is two days before the sale of public version, but The Shoe Surgeon shoes custom team for VLONE host A$AP Bari to create a customized version of python, the lines can also be seen from this pair of shoes is domineering! The Shoe Surgeon is one of Losangeles shoes custom units, they often cause a great disturbance in the transformation of a pair of sneaker, because each transformation is not only representing luxury, and limited the sale is for those of us ordinary people far behind. $1200 crocodile print AJ1 you can go to their official website to buy Oh The Shoe Surgeon was established not long, but a custom every pair of shoes can make SNEAKER climax, recently released a pair of SOCK DART is also known as the best looking SOCK DART custom version! However, limited to 25 pairs and $350 is a short time sold out! The Shoe Surgeon The stamp above the blue word about our oh Beijing time at on March 25th NBA only 5 regular season games to bring you the 3 field reports Jordan 20+11 was reversed distal to the ClippersKing 98-97 king 31 21+11 in the pool God soup 92-106 grizzly warrior Westbrook empty cut three pairs, the full flowering of rocket thunder rocket in Star Foot HD figure King 98-87 clippers Paul: CP3.X.AE : Nike Air Piero Legacy 3 PE Taliaferro: Curry 3 Griffin: SF 5 D-Lillard 2: Prince Ye 92-106 grizzly warrior Library: Curry 3 : Air Max Audacity blue fat ANTA KT 2: God soup Air Max Audacity PE: the old card Green: ZoomRev 2017 PE Daniels: Kyrie 2 thunder rocket Westbrook: AJ 30.5 PETony: D-Rose 7 Harden: Harden Vol.1 : Air Jordan Extra Fly oladipo Dekker: Kyrie 2 today: sarboaness is wearing what shoes? Answer: on the Raptors player Tucker is wearing Air Jordan 10LeBron GS Nike series of the release of the time has been slowly approaching, the shoe as a whole to Red Team as the tone, with the metal color of Swoosh Nike, the big bottom is the choice of white. Will be available in March 2nd only GS version, priced at $160. source: solecollector